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2022 Organizational Meeting is scheduled for June 21st, 2022 at 8:00PM.
Registration Open Until June 15th 

Links to Register for the meeting and to sign up for a committee or to be nominated for an officer position are below.

Link for officer and Committee Chair nomination  

Link to sign up for a Committee

Link to sign up for the Reorganization Meeting 

Approved and proposed Bylaws are below.  The proposed Bylaws have the language incorporating new Committees. 
There will be an organizational meeting on June 21st at 8pm (online meeting).  The following positions will be open for nominations plus chairs and volunteers for the Committees listed below  To enter your nomination to be an officer or Committee Chair position click here.  To volunteer for a Committee click here.

President. Provides leadership and direction to the chapter. Maintains regular contact with WVU Alumni Association Liaison, Represents the chapter and local community of West Virginia University, serves as chief ambassador to West Virginia University along with their constituency and local community, serves as the main contact for local WVU constituents, Convenes, sets agenda for and presides over all Board and general meetings, Oversees Board, ensuring that proper records are maintained and archived.

Vice President. In the absence or disability of the President, or at his request, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. If the office of the President becomes vacant, he/she shall become President until the next annual election. Vice President additionally serves as secondary contact for WVU constituents interested in the chapter.  Serve as ex-officio member of the Business to Business and Community Service Committees

Secretary. All official minutes of the business meeting(s) of the Chapter must be kept by the Secretary. The Secretary shall give public notice of meetings of the Chapter, including a notice to the West Virginia University Alumni Association. The secretary shall maintain an active chapter roster of current members and a copy furnished to Alumni headquarters if requested. The secretary will also maintain the Business Network listing and update as needed.  Serve as ex-officio member of the Communications and Marketing Committee

Treasurer. This officer shall be responsible for all receipts and expenditures of the Chapter and shall cooperate and assist the Secretary with the records. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of any dues. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making an annual financial report at the annual meeting of the Chapter.  File accurate and timely Chapter tax forms.  Work with the Secretary to file any State or Federal Non-Profit reports as required by law. And ensuring non-profit registration remains current. Serve as ex-officio member of the Membership Recruitment & Scholarship and Social & Fundraising Committees

Committee(s) of the Chapter 

Jersey Shore WVU Mountaineer Parents Club Chapter - The Jersey Shore WVU Mountaineer Parents Club is the local chapter of the WVU Mountaineer Parents Club which was established to foster success by connecting parents and family members with the West Virginia University student experience. The Jersey Shore WVU Mountaineer Parents Club will host a Summer Send Off event each summer prior to the start of the WVU fall semester for incoming freshmen and any students transferring to WVU and their families who are from Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  Membership is open to all current and future parents of Monmouth and Ocean County students at West Virginia University and their satellite campuses along with current alumni and friends

Upon ratification of proposed bylaw changes the following are to be added as duly constituted Committees: 

Social & Fundraising – This Committee shall be responsible for coordinating social actives and promoting them throughout the Chapter and the community. It will also be responsible for assisting in setting up game watches and maintaining contact with the game watch hosting establishment before, during and after the event. It will work on developing fundraising events to support the Chapter Scholarship fund as well as help offset Chapter expenses these would include meet and greets with WVU dignitaries, holiday parties, and other social events

Membership Recruitment & Scholarship - The Membership Recruitment & Scholarship Committee shall oversee all recruitment activities pertaining to the chapter as well as recruiting future students at West Virginia University. Increasing chapter membership is its primary responsibility. The committee will be responsible for ensuring any dues collected are properly receipted and deposited. It will work closely with the Treasurer to ensure proper accounting for any scholarship donations or membership dues. Additionally, it will work closely with West Virginia University Admissions and Old Gold New Blue Campaign to get proper training to attend local college fairs in the area as well as recruiting other Chapter members to complete the training to be able to participate in college fairs.

Community Service Committee - The Community Service Committee shall be responsible for coordinating and organizing efforts to participate in events that promote the improvement of the chapter and the Jersey Shore community. This Committee will maintain all records of all community service hours performed by Chapter members.

Communications & Marketing Committee - The Communications & Marketing Committee will be responsible for documenting and promoting Chapter events. This will include social media postings (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.), ensuring photographs are taken at events. Committee Chair will work with the Board to keep the chapter homepage updated and supplied with current information. The Chair will coordinate with the Secretary to retrieve minutes and newsletters which will be sent to the membership.

Business to Business Committee – This Committee will be focused on developing a Business to Business relationship with Alumni owned businesses in the area and communicating that out to the membership. It will arrange along with the Social & Fundraising Committee events to support local businesses and help them reach out to membership with relevant offers and products. This Committee shall maintain and update as needed a Business Network Listing and provide such listing to the Communications and Marketing Committee each quarter for publication.